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Gary Scarrabelotti, MA, BA (Hons), Dip. Ed
Aequum Pty Ltd

Employee Ownership Strategies

Gary Scarrabelotti is the founder of the Canberra-based business and political consultancy firm Aequum Pty Ltd.

In his capacity as Managing Director of Aequum and Director of its Aequum employee ownership consulting division, Gary combines roles as a political adviser and advocate on business issues with consultancy work on the design and implementation of Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

Political & Business consulting

Gary has long experience of lobbying and negotiating with the major political parties, in particular over employee share ownership and other remuneration and savings-related issues. He played a key role in negotiating the terms of current employee share plan legislation (Division 13A of the Income Tax Assessment Act) and contributed significantly to making employee share plan legislation more attractive and flexible for Australian employers. He played a major part in helping to defeat the Keating Government’s proposal to subject share plans to Fringe Benefits Tax.

Gary also served as Executive Consultant to the Australian Employee Ownership Association (AEOA) during the period March 1995 to March 2002. In this capacity Gary was heavily engaged in high-level consultations with both the present Howard Government and the Federal Labor Opposition over the future of share plan policy and legislation.

Through the agency of Aequum, Gary is currently representing number of business clients in Canberra including a group of major Australian corporations, legal and accounting firms, with major interests in the field of employee ownership.

Employee Ownership consulting

Over years Gary has helped many companies along the road to full-blown employee share ownership. These have included:

  • Aristocrat Leisure Limited
  • Orica Limited
  • Otter Gold Limited
  • TSG Pty Ltd
  • Cytec Australia Pty Limited
  • Gates Australia Pty Ltd
  • Abigroup Limited

Gary has also been responsible for providing extensive share plan and remuneration-related advice to companies as diverse as Rio Tinto, Capital Finance, and Tassal.

As a student of the history and philosophy of employee ownership, Gary also provides training and advice for employees, management and union officials in the nature of employee ownership and its implications for, and applications to, workplace management and enterprise government.

Previous experience

Prior to establishing Aequum in 1995 Gary worked

  • As Personal Assistant to the Joint National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union, with responsibility for the AWU’s employee ownership project (1994-1995);
  • As a public servant in the Federal Department of Industry Technology and Commerce - focusing on international science and technology collaboration - and as a research officer in the Department of the Senate (1998-1994);
  • As a parliamentary political adviser and research officer specialising in international relations and defence issues (1985-1998); and
  • As a journalist (1980-85).


Gary studied history, philosophy, and languages at the University of New England and the Australian National University.

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