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Aequum’s foundation was inspired by the conviction that one of the conditions for a good society is the freedom with which individuals, families, and other groups, can actively share in economic life through the formation of, and participation in, business enterprises great and small.


Aequum designs and executes, on behalf of its clients, political and business projects designed to maximise the legitimate freedom of businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees, to create and share in the economic goods of society.  

Aequum’s projects are designed to achieve the clients’ objectives not only in the commercial field but also – and sometimes principally - in the sphere of government and bureaucracy. Aequum’s political consultancy activities are premised on the assumption that the decisions made by governments, legislatures, and civil servants profoundly influence, for good and for ill, the successful operations of legitimate businesses and entrepreneurs.

Aequum aims, accordingly, to promote to government on behalf of its clients policies and legislation framed with due consideration for the fit and proper freedoms required to realise, and to spread, the economic benefits of a free society.

Specialist Political Skills

Aequum specialises in drawing together the tax, remuneration, savings, and ownership considerations that business and government often must make when forming plans and framing policies.

On the political front Aequum undertakes the big jobs and the little ones.

Aequum will develop with the client a political action plan to achieve major, long-term term objectives and will deploy its resources to assist the client in carrying through the plan.

Alternatively, Aequum will help you to move that important letter or submission from off the bottom of the public-service in-tray up to the top.

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