The nature of  Aequum’s work is that that it requires loyalty to the client and discretion about the clients’ affairs.  Aequum’s private clients are just that, private.

However, Aequum also undertakes public action on behalf of clients who want to 'go public' about their political and business interests. A good example would be an association or group representing a number of corporate clients.

For example, Aequum represents over 20 major corporate clients in the form of the Employee Ownership Group. Formed in 2002 the Group is an informal network of users and consultants in the field of employee share ownership.

Aequum provides the Employee Ownership Group with political advice as well as with a secretariat and executive arm. In particular Aequum translates the policy decisions of the network into political action: i.e. intensive lobbying of the Federal Parliament and the Public Service so that the voice of the Group on important policy issues is heard by the right people.

So, whether the service you require is a specialist one tailored to the requirements of your business, or one you share in common with a group of business peers, Aequum can deliver for you - or for you and your peer group - the kind of political advice and action that you require.

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